The "Office-Product-Specialist" Distributor !

With this slogan, we wish to express AXCENT's determination to offer our customers a specialist choice of outstanding quality products, at prices not seen with traditional wholesalers or other distributors.

  • Specialist vs Generalist: Rather than offering awide range of products, AXCENT as a SPECIALIST distributor offers a select number of product ranges, however, each with more product depth, thus offering a wider product choice and variety. 


  • Distributor: We are an importing specialist-distributor, and with over 25 years of experience in office product industry, product development and product sourcing, we can contribute in safeguarding your future business.

  • Margins: To maximalize your margins, we need to keep our prices low. To keep our prices low we need to keep our cost low, and for this we are limiting our marketing, advertising and staff cost.

    We wish to keep our prices extremely competitive, to enable customers to compete with top quality products, with Global Resellers such as Viking/Office Depot, Lyreco and others, and still make good margins, to run their business profitly.